I will preserve You, and give You As a covenant to the people…

Recently I came across a video on YouTube that shares the amazing path God fashioned for someone who is called to a ministry that also affected my life, from afar.  It is an amazing true story about a life completely given over to the workings of the Holy Spirit. The video is from Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural with Steve Lightle.  Steve shared an encounter with the Lord that has been confirmed many times over.  He was part of the original mission of Christians, now known as Ebenezer-Operation Exodus around the world, to help bring the Jewish People home to Israel from Russia.

A new generation of “offspring” needs to know what has happened in the past concerning God’s eternal covenant with the Jewish people, Israel and Christians

“I knew you in your mother’s womb when you were yet a formless, shapeless mass; I knew you, and I numbered your days.” ~ God, Psalm 13

as we move toward the near future.  For many, “their days were all written, the days fashioned for them” in God’s book described in Psalm 139, right about the time Steve Lightle received the vision shared on this page via YouTube. For Me, not only my children but also my grandchildren can be counted among the generations now old enough to be part of God’s plan to bring us all together in unity. Something only He can fashion.  It is exciting to watch as the Spirit of God brings order out of the chaos between Christians and Jews.  Something only He can do.  Men have not been able to do it for over two thousand years.

How precious it is to be an offspring of the most High God.

Blessed be the Holy One of Israel,


Grace Offspring is my pen-name… to learn more visit our About Page…Come again soon!

©2018 Nancy H. Montgomery

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