Where God Lives

He inhabits the praises of His people…

This morning as I was reading the daily Bible, I kept being distracted by remembering someone who kept popping up in a dream I had during the night.  Because this is a problematic person, this led me to think of a situation that seemed troubling, so I stopped reading and began to pray.  While praying I remembered hearing a praise song and jotting down the name and the group performing it so I could find it later.  The title was “I Am.”  Only yesterday I was telling a friend that just thinking of I Am could stop anything from troubling me.  Immediately my imagination goes to Moses kneeling before the burning bush and the presence of the Almighty.  Once that image is in my mind’s eye, I am lost in Him and the world melts away.

inhabit-1Suddenly it seemed important to retrieve the information.  I found the video with the lyrics and it was good, the group was very talented, and I noticed other versions of the same song.  I noticed one video had close to six million views and seemed to be in a large church setting or at a concert.  I wondered why so many would tune in.  Well, let me tell you that I found out a truth long known to me was very much present – God inhabits the praises of His people!   As I watched the video and began to sing along and worship, the atmosphere around me began to fill with His presence as if I was in the midst of a large group praising Him.  My eyes were closed, I was weeping, sitting in my den, praising Him with all of my heart and connecting with words that were absolutely true.  If you have ever experienced this type of praise and worship, you know what it means when I say: He inhabits the praises of His people.  Yes, He does!  He used my entering into this time of praise and worship to turn around whatever it was that was unseen to me and sent it off.

 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

~Psalm 22:3

Psalm 22 carries a picture of Jesus’ crucifixion, but it is also a psalm of great Prophetic praise for what God will accomplish, which it should be because through Jesus’ death and resurrection humanity gains all victory! In verse three, even after crying out in agony come the words, “But You are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel…”  Let me share with you Kingdom Dynamics found about this verse in my Holy Spirit Bible:

Praise, the Pathway to God’s Presence, PRAISE PATHWAY.

Unquestionably, one of the most remarkable and exciting things about honest and sincere praise is taught here; Praise will bring the presence of God.  Although God is everywhere present, there is a distinct manifestation of His rule,which enters the environment of praise.  Here is the remedy for the times when you feel alone, deserted or depressed.  Praise!  However simply, compose your song and testimony of God’s goodness in your life.  The result:  God enters!  His presence will live (take up residence) in our lives.  The word “inhabit”  (Hebrew yawshab) means “to sit down, to remain, to settle, or marry.”  In other words, God does not merely visit us when when we praise Him, but His presence abides with us and we partner with Him in a glowing relationship.  Let this truth create faith and trust; and lead to deliverance from satanic harassments, torment, or bondage.  Notice how this text ties three words together:  “praises,” “trusted,” and “delivered”! (Ps.18:3; Ps.47:7)

I’m not going to make a habit of including music videos with every post. (I have thought about “Tuesday Tunes!”) This video (found right below my name) is shared with a purpose.  I don’t know how your day has been.  I don’t know your faith level, but you’ve stopped by Offsprings of Grace today and my guess is that God desires for you to find where He lives.  Perhaps it’s just for the joy of being in His presence.  Perhaps like me, He wants to minister to you.  Whatever the reason, deep calls to deep.  He deeply loves you.

In Him we live and move and have our being,

Nancy M.


© 2018 Nancy H. Montgomery. All Rights Reserved.

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