Wednesday Words

 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

-surrender-quotes-sacrifice-quotesWords are amazing.  Full of power.  Touching, stirring, endearing, frightening and so much more.

I was listening to music on YouTube and noticed the title to one of the songs that would be coming up on automatic play would be entitled So Will I and it had 100 billion X in parentheses.  These words really caught my attention because for the past few months I have been praying about a billion Catholics.  Why Catholics and a billion of them?  Well, I became a “born again” Christian at a Catholic renewal weekend ( story in previous blog post-Drawn to Renewal  ) and lately as I’ve prayed it has been much on my mind that the Lord really wants Catholics (all 1 billion of them) to understand more about their Jewish roots and their connection to today’s Israel.  While the call on my life always seems to turn towards Israel and the well-being of the Jewish people, the works I have done, the cities I have been in, all have had very little to do with the Catholic Church.  My radio broadcasts had little to do with the Catholic community when it came to the Jewish community and Israel.  It’s pretty ironic that right now I am listening to the words of a song called “I surrender” because it is taking my surrendering completely to the Holy Spirit to remain where there is so little embracing of today’s Israel as is found in many evangelical churches when I know the call on my life is towards Israel!

Like a rushing wind, Jesus breathe within,
Lord have your way, have your way with me.

Like a mighty storm stir within my soul,
Lord have your way, have your way in me.

I surrender, I surrender,
I want to know you more, I want to know you more.

Still, I am strongly convinced that now is the time to roll up my sleeves and begin really focusing on taking just such a message to said billion.

And isn’t this what it takes, really?  If we want to walk with God along the path He chooses, to fulfill the destiny He has planned long before we took our first breath – surrender.  The Lord said to one of His prophets in Jeremiah 1:4 ,  “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you….”  He says to all of us, I knew you in your mother’s womb.  In fact, He tells us clearly that He knew us before that and already our days were numbered.  This is something I have been studying through a number of sources recently and the original Hebrew word is pretty deep.  Basically we have the signet of God in us, in our spiritual DNA.  Psalm 139:16 says:

Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

MiraclesOur youngest son Ryan died just five months before his only child was born.  We were able to get a sonogram of his daughter before she was born so that he could see her.  Amazingly two days before she was born, I had a dream of Ryan in scrubs in a clinical setting showing me his baby daughter wrapped in a pink blanket and he was so joyful!  I had just been with his older brother TJ three weeks before for the birth of his first son.  Ryan and TJ look so much alike, but TJ was much taller.  There was no mistake it was Ryan and he was holding a baby girl! Waking up I thought surely Ryan’s widow Katie was in labor.  Katie lived in Longmont, Colorado, a long way from Ohio, so I deduced surely they would have called us as soon as labor began.  I wondered if I should tell her about the dream.  It had been such an emotional journey for all of us.  Katie and Ryan had met not long before they married.  Katie knew Ryan had just come through a critical surgery for cancer when they met.  She knew the stakes were high when she married him, that cancer could come back, but as she once told me, “I found the love of my life.”  I knew they married early on because they were committed Christians.  I also knew what Ryan had shared with me after his surgery; he guessed God would never give him the two things he really wanted in life.  When I asked him what that might be, he said, “A Christian wife and a child.”  Seven years earlier doctors had told us Ryan’s diagnosis was that he had five years to live with a very rare form of Melanoma.  He thought God had given him all the miracles possible.  A few days later he met Katie.  Thinking upon those things, I called Katie.  I put into words the dream I had of seeing Ryan in heaven holding their baby girl.  She received the power of the words about the dream with great peace and tears of joy!  (Now that I move much more in the prophetic gifts, I understand better how God can give us the gift of a dream to not only encourage us but another. )

close-to-warmI think we never know how close the kingdom of God is to us.  Ryan was holding the joy of his life in heaven even before the other joy of his life held her in her arms in this realm we call earth.  It is almost twelve years since Jesus came to take Ryan home to heaven, and that is such a story in itself.  He was born on Easter Sunday, the day God’s only son rose from the dead, so I guess it should be no surprise that God would have allowed me to see my beloved youngest son in a dream holding his only daughter in heaven right before her birth. When Ryan arrived, we thought he was two weeks late. In God’s kingdom timing is never a mistake. Because of the testimony of Ryan’s death I look at my son’s birth on Easter, and I know God allowed him to be born on that day that we might always know he has eternal life.  I am convinced that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony because of Ryan.  We gain this strength supernaturally through a supernatural God.  That’s why He sent us the Holy Spirit!

These are God’s little miracles of comfort and joy.  Very precious and not nearly as rare as you might think.   Didn’t Jesus send out His disciples and tell them to say, “God’s kingdom has come!” (Luke 9:2; 10:9)  Nothing has changed.  He said we would do even greater things in our day (John 14:12).

The God of creation is such a mystery to us in so many ways, yet when the Holy Spirit filled scroll after scroll with words given to men inspired to write them by God, we received wisdom, knowledge and understanding that have withstood the ages.  I looked up the lyrics for the song I first mention when I began to write this post, So Will I , and was blessed by the author’s use of words to express faith and worship in the most beautiful way.  I watched the video of the lyrics on YouTube and find it to be absolutely beautiful and a real expression of the billions of creation that worship God.  Pretty amazing.

I’ve been in many churches, many denominations over the years, and people would be surprised to learn how much they have in common in faith.  There is a joke about a Catholic who went to heaven and St. Peter was guiding him around and he noticed a group all by themselves over in one area and when he asked who they were, St. Peter said, “Oh, those are the Baptist.  They don’t know anyone else is up here.”  You get the gist of it.  It could have been anyone from any denomination being led around by St. Peter and he could have seen any other denomination.  Sometimes I ask the Lord what He thinks of His Christian churches on earth,  if there aren’t plenty of us falling into the error of the Sadducees and Pharisees that Jesus took to task!

In Him we live, and move and have our being,

Nancy M.


© 2018 Nancy H. Montgomery. All Rights Reserved.

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