Nancy H. Montgomery

Offsprings of Grace is a blog being written by Author Nancy H. Montgomery as she continues along her path in life which has long included encouraging understanding and friendship between Christians and Jews and blessing Israel.

In Nancy’s first book, The Israel Letters, each letter was written to Israel and signed by Grace.  The concept grew out of a blog she was writing encouraging Christians and Jews to pray for Israel. Selecting blog posts to include in the book, she realized it was as if the posts were letters written by one who dearly loved a sibling.  Thinking of how Christians often call Israel or the Jewish faith their “elder brother”, Nancy decided to keep the letter format and sign with the Hebrew form of her name which is “Grace.”

Just as she prepared to launch her first book The Israel Letters in late spring of 2015, a diagnosis of breast cancer brought everything outside of her personal life to an unexpected halt.  Fully recovered and cancer free, Nancy is looking forward to sharing and blogging once again!

To learn more about Nancy, visit The Israel Letters.



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